■ Gilles Peterson / Ganbare Nippon Mix (World Wide) MP3 【2011】


日本とも交流の深いイギリスのDJ、Gilles Petersonが、東日本大震災直後、日本へ音楽でエールを送ってくれています。その名も『Ganbare Nippon Mix』です。和Jazzがふんだんに盛り込まれた選曲です。以下、Gillesからのメッセージです。

The shocking events this last week in Japan will affect us all. Many of my closest friends, family and work colleagues are there. It is my second home. As a DJ I have spent some of my most inspired nights in Japan. I always come back inspired, refreshed and motivated.

The Japanese people have always shown me love and affection – they are the most passionate music fans and if they like what you do – they let you know! We all need that in life. Japan is a positive nation and as such I am sure it will eventually recover from it’s current trauma. I hope you enjoy this mix that I recorded today featuring some Japanese tunes that have touched me over the years.

Enjoy and of course…
Ganbare Nippon

Track Listing

01. Fumio Itabashi / Watarase
02. Hozan Yamamoto / Ina Bushi
03. Ufo / The Moving Shadows
04. Hideo Shiraki Quintet / Sakura, Sakura
05. Spiritual Vibes / Scheme Supreme
06. Grass Roots / Essential Dub
07. Teruo Nakamura / Umma Be Me
08. Toshiko Akiyoshi Quintet / Phrygian Material
09. Small Circle Of Friends / The Daybreak
10. DJ Krush / Just Wanna Touch Her
11. Terumasa Hino / Send Me Your Feelings
12. Pharoah Sanders / Shukuru
13. Fumio Itabashi / Watarase (Vox)

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